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This page presents a basic guide for the commands that are included with the ESX 3i Remote Command Line Interface. A more in depth guide can be found here: VMware ESX Server 3i Configuration Guide.

Tip: when defining the path to a file, it will usually be formatted as [<datastore_name>] relative path. So for the file SERVER01.vmdk in the folder SERVER on the datastore STORAGE1, the path to the file will be [STORAGE1] SERVER/SERVER01.vmdk

System Management
vicfg-advcfg.pl (esxcfg-advcfg.pl) - Sets and query advanced configuration options
vicfg-cfgbackup.pl (esxcfg-cfgbackup.pl) - Backup and restore the configuration of your ESX 3i host
vicfg-dumppart.pl (esxcfg-dumppart.pl) - Used to set and configure the host dump partition
vicfg-module.pl (esxcfg-module.pl) - View and set the option string sent to modules when they are load by the VMkernel
vicfg-ntp.pl (esxcfg-ntp.pl) - Add / remove NTP servers
vicfg-syslog.pl (esxcfg-syslog.pl) - Configure syslog setting
vicfg-user.pl (esxcfg-user.pl) - Manage local users and groups
vihostupdate.pl - Apply patches to your ESX 3i host
vmkuptime.pl - Not implemented at this time

Network Management
vicfg-dns.pl (esxcfg-dns.pl) - Configure the host name and domain name for your ESX 3i host
vicfg-nics.pl (esxcfg-nics.pl) - Configure host NIC duplex and speed
vicfg-route.pl (esxcfg-route.pl) - Set the default gateway for the VMkernel IP stack
vicfg-snmp.pl (esxcfg-snmp.pl) - Configure SNMP community and trap settings for SNMP traps
vicfg-vmknic.pl (esxcfg-vmknic.pl) - Used to manage VMkernel port groups
vicfg-vswitch.pl (esxcfg-vswitch.pl) - Used to manage virtual switches and port groups

Storage Management
vicfg-mpath.pl (esxcfg-mpath.pl) - Manage multipath setting for iSCSI and Fibre Channel LUNs
vicfg-nas.pl (esxcfg-nas.pl) - Used to managed NFS datastores
vicfg-rescan.pl (esxcfg-rescan.pl) - Rescan an HBA for LUN changes
vicfg-vmhbadevs.pl (esxcfg-vmhbadevs.pl) - Display available LUNs

File/Datastore Management
vifs.pl - Copy files to and from your ESXi host

Virtual Machine Management
svmotion.pl - Migrate a running virtual machine to another storage LUN

Performance Management
resxtop.pl - Monitor the hosts use of CPU, memory and disk resources




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